With our range GASTROLUX, no more spots on glasses: deionized water flows immediately away, it is sparkling and dry at the opening of the machine.


  • Reduced use of chemicals for dishwashers and glass washers
  • Protection of steam ovens

With Gastrolux line WAMAX provides the reverse osmosis devices. A unique solution specifically designed for hotels and restaurants

  • Format suitable for industrial kitchens
  • Fully stainless steel, with smooth surfaces easy to maintain
  • With a reservoir and a dispensing pump directly integrated
  • Possibility of maintenance contract

An overview of our range

GASTROLUX G-12-4-120 100 120 840 x 600 x 420
GASTROLUX G-15-3-170 150 170 840 x 680 x 600
GASTROLUX G-18-3-380 600 380 1480 x 680 x 600
GASTROLUX G-21-4-550 800 550 1600 x 800 x 850